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Some interactive 360° panoramic images of rivers, lakes and waterfalls of the province of Vicenza .
You may also view an image gallery of these locations here.

Brenta River in Bassano, Ponte degli Alpini
Brenta River in Bassano (famous bridge "Ponte degli Alpini")
Brenta River in Bassano
Brenta River in Bassano
Laghi, Lower lake
The lower lake of Laghi
Posina, 'Main' lake
The lake of Posina
Posina, 'Main' lake
The lake of Posina
Pasubio mountain, waterfall in the Cavrara Valley
Pasubio mountain, waterfall in the Cavrara Valley
Montagna Spaccata
Montagna Spaccata, small bridge over the river
Montagna Spaccata
Montagna Spaccata, main warterfall
Montagna Spaccata
Montagna Spaccata, over the main waterfall

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